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A new week and new events in the Polkadot ecosystem! Polkadot Decoded, the highlight of this year, is getting closer and closer!
If you haven’t already registered to watch it online, hurry up! And yes, it’s absolutely free! Well, now let’s take 3 minutes to look back at other important news in the Dotsama ecosystem.


As is tradition, let’s start with cheers! An amazing milestone for Coinversation! They officially won the 19th Polkadot parachain auction with a total of 143.5k DOT from 1033 contributors! The guys will continue to build an open decentralized Finance Platform on Polkadot. Сongratulations to the team and supporters! We’ll be following their progress!


The InvArch team is back from two awesome conferences like DcentralCon & Consensus2022 and is working all over again. The Brainstorm testnet is underway, and preparations for the parachain auction on Kusama are in full swing. Also, the team following its roadmap has announced their Bilder’s program. Registration for the program starts July 1! Well, it’s as busy as ever at Invarch, let’s move on!


For Astar, it was a week of integrations. The guys made several partnerships and integrations. Deploying Zenlink on the Astar network will provide a smooth and validated DeFi platform on the Astar network and enabling Astar users to connect to other parachains ecosystems. Integration with Сovalent will allow developers with reliable, high-quality data that will allow them to build faster. And X Swap will provide a new way to exchange assets between Astar and 10 other networks!

Moonbeam & Moonriver

Furthermore, another interesting integration was announced in Moonbeam and Moonriver. We are talking about integration with the Pocket Network. This cooperation has given members of the Moonbeam & Moonriver communities an incentive to run full nodes on behalf of the networks, contributing to its decentralization, resiliency, and censorship resistance. Source


Interlay intends to open an XCM channel with Acala Network to facilitate transfers and further cross-chain development and DeFi initiatives unless it meets strong opposition from the community. Speaking of community, the Interlay team has reviewed its Ambassador program and introduced an updated community system, the Innovator program. I think it’s perfect, especially during a bearish trend!

That’s all from me for today. As always, look for all the useful links in the description of this video. Don’t forget to subscribe and give us a like to help our channel grow and reach a new audience. Thank you for tuning in, see you next week!

Parachain Mascots Lottery

And now here’s the info for everyone who’s read to the end! We’re thrilled to announce a lottery where every Dotsama community member can get a chance to win one of 3 Mascot NFTs. Tickets will be available to members of some DotSama communities, participants of Gleam Form, and PromoTeam Community NFT holders

That’s all from me for today. Don’t forget to subscribe and give us a like to help our channel grow and reach a new audience. Thank you for tuning in, see you next week!

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