How to claim Calamari Tokens in Polkadot JS

Crowdloan backers can claim rewards for locking their KSM in Calamari Crowdloan. In this article you can find the detailed instruction how to do it correctly.

Vesting Schedule of Calamari tokens

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How to claim Calamari Tokens

  1. Go to the Polkadot JS — Developer — Extrinsics — Submission

2. Choose the Account with vested tokens

3. Go to the tab “Submit the following extrinsic”

4. Choose “CalamariVesting”

5. On the right tab choose “vest ()”

6. Submit transaction

7. Enter you password and sign the transaction.

8. Congratulations! You claimed the Calamari tokens. You can check your balance in the Accounts tab.

9. You can click on the following tab and see the transferable balance and locked balance.

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