Polkadot Ecosystem PromoTeam — we are ready to participate in the development of the project and the community, deliver quality content, sincere activists, support and all the best for your successful promotion in the Polkadot ecosystem.

We are a team of Polkadot fans and enthusiasts, specialists in various fields — community development, product promotion, sales, negotiations, psychology and management, validation and programming. We are here to help the Polkadot community become the best. Many PromoTeam members have been contributing to the ecosystem for more than 2 years.

If you are in the Polkadot ecosystem, PromoTeam is interested in you. We…

Special credits to Denis and Dalt for the translation.

Vlady Limes: Today we have here very interesting person and very cool guest Bifrost project. Bifrost is a base DeFi protocol on Polkadot ecosystem. Bifrost creates a system for collateralized assets and liquidity. Now we have crowdloans and Bifrost is very active about it and trying to win 4th-5th slot amongst other competitors.

- Hello, Tyrone! Welcome to our chat.

Tyrone: - Hello, everyone. My name is Tyrone and I’m listening to you, guys.

Vlady Limes: First question from me. We all see a battle between Bifrost and other projects for…

Acticle by Polkadot News and PromoTeam

Web3 Foundation is an organisation founded by Dr. Gavin Wood and aimed to deliver Web 3.0, a decentralized and fair internet where users control their own data.

To reach this goal Web3 Foundation supports research and development teams with grants. There are two grants programmes: Open Grants and General grants. While Open Grants direction has a max cap of 30k USD, the General Grants are not limited (previously 100k USD).

Recently Web3 Foundation has celebrated the 10th wave of Open and General grants and 27 teams were funded. Let’s look through several of them!

Over the past 2 years, the DeFi sector has become one of the main driving forces behind the whole crypto market growth. The new alternative financial system with its own ways to exchange money, deposit money to earn interest, even take loans, attracted a lot of new people to crypto. Every major blockchain has its own DeFi platforms. But here’s the problem: every blockchain is an isolated ecosystem with its own set of rules. As the result, all DeFi platforms and tools built on these blockchains are isolated too. Only a few platforms support asset management across multiple chains at…

Источник статьи: https://mamora-toga.medium.com/common-q-a-on-astar-shiden-network-7a005a9b1db9

За время существования проекта, некоторые пользователи сталкиваются с рядом вопросов, часто они повторяются, эта статья поможет найти нужный.

1. Я участвовал в ETH lockdrop 1 & 2 и хотел бы разблокировать свой ETH.

  1. Используйте Metamask в сети Ethereum (не Matic, BSC или Fantom) и тот же кошелек ETH, который вы использовали для блокировки ETH, перейдите по адресу https://lockdrop.astar.network/#/lock-form .
  2. Выберите либо Lockdrop 1, либо 2.
  3. Щелкните «View».
  4. Нажмите «Unlock Tokens».
  5. Щелкните значок «🔒», и вам будет предложено подписать транзакцию в Metamask.
  6. Ваш ETH будет возвращен в ваш кошелек.
  7. Если период блокировки еще не истек, вы не сможете разблокировать ETH.
  8. У некоторых пользователей возникают проблемы с подключением / синхронизацией. …

Один из самых перспективных проектов экосистемы Polkadot - SubQuery анонсировал старт амбасадорской программы.

У вас есть возможность подать заявку прямо сейчас

SubQuery Ambassador Program направлена ​​на то, чтобы найти лидеров сообщества, увлеченных Polkadot и SubQuery. Команда ищет активных энтузиастов, которые могут рассказать о SubQuery в своих регионах и оказать поддержку новым разработчикам, для продвижения SubQuery и создания потрясающих приложений и сервисов на Polkadot.

В чем преимущество ?

Команда SubQuery упорно работает, чтобы добиться запланированных планов. SubQuery ценит своих последователей, и готова стимулировать их старания некоторыми преимуществами.

Финансирование и поддержка: за хорошую работу вы можете быть вознаграждены ранними возможностями для частных продаж и вознаграждений. …

Time has come! On July 8, Jakub Gregus a.k.a Kubis, co-founder of HydraDX visited the biggest HydraDX community, russian Hydraheads. Many interesting questions were on the table, so without any further delay let’s take a deep dive into the transcript of the voice chat covering HydraDX, Basilisk, life, universe and everything with Kubis and Vlady from Promoteam.

Special credits to Denis and Dalt for the translation.

Vlady Limes: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I am glad to welcome you to our ama session with a very interesting guest. Today we will have a conversation with the Co-founder of HydraDX &…

The historic moment for the whole Polkadot ecosystem has come: the first slot auctions for its Canary network Kusama went live. Why is it such an important milestone? The basic Kusama chain (and Polkadot too, but we’ll be talking about Kusama here) is a layer that provides security for the whole network. Aside from that, it has very limited functionality, because it was never supposed to work on its own. And now it’s finally going to be enhanced to its full potential by enabling parachains, each parachain adding new functionality to the whole network.

All parachains can interconnect via the…

Almost all the ecosystem members were busy preparing for Polkadot Decoded 2021 — the biggest event of the year, — but the PromoTeam and Parachain News team weren’t sitting around as well.

“How cool it would be if all the information about crowdloan parachain campaigns were gathered in one place”, we thought.

Basically, that was the idea that encouraged us to create the “Crowdloan Info Bot”.

What about its features?

We’ve designed the functionality to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

You can:

  • share projects and terms of participation there with your friends;
  • add projects to your favorites;
  • see instructions on how to…

Пока участники экосистемы готовились к “Polkadot Decoded 2021” — крупнейшему событию года, команда PromoTeam и Parachain News не стояла на месте.

Было бы круто, если всю информацию о краудлон-кампаниях парачейнов собрали в одном месте. Именно эта идея, двигала нас при создании “Crowdloan Info Bot

Какой функционал?

Vlady Limes

PromoTeam member🌐

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